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Make your app unique with personalized interactive messages that evoke feelings and emotions!

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What is Pinnatta Cards

The most impressive greeting cards you’ll ever send!

Surprising Interactivity

Every single message turns into a unique interactive experience

High Personalization

Add your photo, voice or text to make your Pinnatta card really unique!

Tons of Options

Hundreds of fresh designs, perfect for every occasion: ice-breakers, everyday, seasonal or special moments!

Pinnatta Cards is a new media type that combines sound, animation, personalization elements and interactivity gestures to turn every single message into a unique interactive experience that evokes feelings and emotions!
Offer tons of ready-to-use designs for any special or everyday communication need.

People personalize them by adding their own video, photo, voice or text and share them instantly.
Recipients will not only see the message but actually play with it by tapping, dragging, rubbing, shaking or even blowing their device to experience it.
Pinnatta Cards is available for messengers, dating apps and keyboards.

Integration options

Add the world’s first interactive messaging library into your app fast and easy!

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