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Pinnatta Cards and Slack
get teams more productive

Give to your work discussions a tone of happiness with our Preview of Pinnatta Cards integration for Slack.

Send a pinnatta

/pinnatta for pinnattas

Just type /pinnatta on any channel in Slack to share a pinnatta with your team, or one-to-one. Both video and interactive pinnattas are supported and will be randomly selected for you. For animated or static stickers just type /sticker

/love for special occasions

For those in love there is a shortcut. Also for those flirting they can flirt by using by using /flirt

No Pinnatta Cards account required

Anyone on your team can share a pinnatta or sticker whether they have a Pinnatta Cards account or not. Sign in only if you want to send Pinnattas via the App(s).

Never miss a message.

Get Slack notifications on any device for incoming Pinnattas. Join straight from the web, or get the mobile app to share a pinnatta from your smartphone.

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